“I have rarely met such a truly generous and inspirational person. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your wisdom and talent. It’s hard for me to imagine where I’d be right now if I hadn’t met you. I think my life can pretty much be divided into “before and after I met Anna at U of T!” Stephen Lobo,  Actor

Anna Migliarisi, Ph.D.
Actor | Coach | Writer

Using Acting Techniques to Inspire and Empower

Anna Migliarisi

I’m an actor.  That came first.  I’m also a producer, a director, a writer, a teacher and a private coach.  While I’ve always followed my passion for acting, I also wanted a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.  That’s why I earned a PhD in Drama.  Working in both artistic and academic realms for more than two decades has shown me that intellectual rigor and creative exploration complement each other.  Think Yin and Yang, oil and vinegar, left brain and right brain.  When these opposite ways of thinking are integrated, the results can be truly extraordinary. My work is dedicated to this synergy.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless people become transformed by courses in acting and theatre arts.  When I say their lives changed forever because of this work, I’m not exaggerating.  Acting training teaches you many things. It teaches discipline.  It teaches you to pay attention, to look under the surface of things and to work well with others.  People take the skills they’ve learned in acting class and use them to excel in careers ranging from business, law, science, education, and, of course, professional film/TV and theatre.

As I continue to work with professional actors at every level to build on their strengths and expand their capacity, I also offer workshops and individual coaching to people in other fields who want to experience how acting techniques can benefit them professionally and personally.

Using exercises and techniques drawn from my theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the actor’s discipline, I can help you discover, use and own your voice, polish your speaking abilities, and enhance your professional presence.  Whether you are a young student finding your way in the world, or an experienced corporate leader, you can become more confident, creative and successful through acting techniques—and have fun doing it!