Stymied by speaking up?
Knees buckle when giving a pitch?
Freeze up when all eyes are on you?

I know what it feels like to be in the spotlight and literally lose your voice.  It’s absolutely terrifying.  Yet expressing yourself with clarity of purpose and integrity of delivery has never been more prized in today’s workplace.  As women, we all need to rise to the challenge—especially today when the messages we receive can be so confounding:  Don’t sound too aggressive. Don’t screech.  No up-talk. What are we supposed to sound like? What is our true or authentic voice?  It’s enough to squelch our true voices entirely!

I believe—based on my extensive experience as a university drama teacher, professional performer and sought-after private coach—that our authentic voice is our place of integrity in which body, mind, emotion and intention are aligned.  Where your embodied voice is a true reflection of what you actually think and feel, leading ultimately to increased self-awareness, self-confidence and an incredible sense of freedom.

Authentic expression makes good business sense.  Freedom and confidence breed creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  Authenticity empowers decision-makers as well as team members.  It promotes smart and charged ideas.  It will make clients listen and trust you. It’s a win-win for all.

To help you discover and enhance your true voice, I use acting techniques as a means of exploration, inspiration and empowerment.  We will move through a series of helpful and effective exercises drawn from my theoretical and practical knowledge in the actor’s discipline.  Discover the freedom of communicating the best of you and your services in an engaging and compelling way in a workshop environment that is encouraging and empathic. In doing so, you will discover, use and own your voice, polish your speaking abilities, enhance your professional presence and have fun in the process.